“What gives a man the power of a rational assent is the existence of new beginnings”

The Whipped Flaxseed was developed in my kitchen by using organic flaxseed and organic Molasses, but no matter what other ingredients I may have used in the blend, the bitter taste of the flaxseed always stood out so, I often made the AH comment. And one morning as I made my breakfast the lightbulb went off, the idea was born, a thought entered my mind, and created the best-tasting flaxseed meal at all time, right in my kitchen right on my kitchen table the Whipped Flaxseed was born, and the taste went from AH to WOW!
The next day I invited my friends and neighbors over and
gave them a sample of the Whipped Flaxseed, and they loved the taste, and the texture and encouraged me to start branding the product. This is how I started, and this is a true story, and this is my story.

Ingredients: Organic Flaxseed, Organic Molasses, Organic Flaxseed oil, and Distilled Water.
No artificial ingredients, no Artificial Colors, no Artificial Sweeteners, no added Sugar, no added Salt.

A very healthy non-dairy food choice!