Founded by Ella North

The Whipped Flaxseed is the only Patented Whipped Flaxseed on the Planet, created from scratch in my kitchen. Using Organic Flaxseed oil, Organic Flaxseed, Organic Molasses and Distilled Water. During the making, I often made an AH comment while tasting my blend, but no matter what other ingredients I may have used the bitter taste of the Flaxseed stood out. And one day, when I was fixing my breakfast a thought entered my mind, the lightbulb went off, the Whipped Flaxseed was born and the taste scale went from AH to

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Made with all Natural ingredients, No Additives, No Preservatives No Artificial Colors, No GMO. I created the perfect food, as a Vegetarian eating right is very important, by making better choices eating right is the way to go.
Note from Ella:
“Laugh like you’ve never laughed before
Dance like you’ve never danced before”